There’s always an asshole critic in the crowd …

journalist is a person who collects, writes, photographs, processes, edits or comments on news or other topical information to the public. A journalist’s work is called journalism. ~ Apple Dictionary

I wanted to address the above comment, which was left on an article published by, a local news website run by Bob Conrad, owner and publisher. The article, written by freelance Journalist Tabitha Mueller, was about a Bernie Sanders campaign stop, which took place at the Reno Tahoe Convention Center back in December 2019. The reason I am mentioned in the scathing comment is because, I attempted to enter the venue to cover the event as a spectator and photojournalist with my camera gear, as I’ve done numerous times before. But was turned away by a security guard at the door for having “professional camera gear.” I had covered nearly 100 campaign events of the various candidates, both Democrat and Republican, around the country over a 12 year period. I’d never heard of a “professional camera” ban at any rally by any candidate. Frustrated, I left a comment on the Bernie Sanders article explaining my unhappiness being turned away. Initially my comment received a comment from someone who claimed to have logged me in, which wasn’t true. I never pursued the matter with anyone beyond the security guard. Then there was this comment, which I didn’t see until recently, with what appears to be a fake name. It is critical, not only of me, but the reporter who filed the report and the organization she regularly contributes to.

First off, I despise keyboard bullies. Those who are anonymous critics. Cowards in my book.

Secondly, who are they to judge me? Better yet, who the hell are they, period? Just an anonymous armchair critic? The definition of a journalist is pretty clear. I photograph an event and create a story through images. I may not be employed by a big media company, but my political images have been published by the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine and Conde Nast Magazine through a onetime respected New York photo agency. I’ve had images published in tourist brochures. As for being ethical, my images are never altered by any means to create a story. Please explain how my attempt to cover a political event was unethical. Of course, I’ll never realize that answer, as they are anonymous.

I dare them to reveal themselves…

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