A Sidewalk Heckler

Normally, when I hear a mentally disturbed person having a meltdown ahead on my daily walks, or even seeing a group of men ahead walking in my direction, I will cross the street to ensure my safety. In the case of this individual, who was loudly making his displeasure known with the world at large, crossing the street was not an option, as the sidewalk was closed due to ongoing construction. So my only options were to detour 3 blocks to get around him, or continue on and take my chances with the unpredictability of this person and become the subject of his ire, verbally or even physically. I chose the latter and soldiered on, only to realize my worst fears, becoming the subject of his verbal attacks as I walked by. His verbal attack was so mean and nasty, any other person would probably have resorted to a physical response. I, on the other hand, resorted to my weapon of choice; my camera. A weapon that some find more threatening than a life ending gun. This was his reaction to my weapon of choice. Which, in the end, was effective. He stopped his rant and more importantly, stopped his verbal attack on me…

Funny how a camera lens will bring out the shyness in someone

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