About Me

Photographer of life in the biggest little city…

I started this website as a 2008 Iowa Presidential Campaign/Debate related blog back in 2007, but because of life events (end of the Presidential race, homelessness, etc) , I basically discontinued my contributions and deleted 99% of the content from back then.  Today I am back at adding content based on my daily observations beyond politics.

Although this website was originally created to show my work during the 2008 Presidential Election, it no longer follows that theme. I do have a few memories of that time at the beginning of the current blog.

Below is the original About description:

These are images shot during the 2008 Presidential campaign.  It was the first election year bloggers were allowed to cover the events leading up to the election as part of the press corp.  It was my attempt at getting recognized for my photographic abilities as a photojournalist.  I guess it wasn’t meant to be….

I found out 3 years after the fact that some of my images were published in Rolling Stone Magazine, Conde Nast Magazine, and US Weekly.  I found this out by accident when doing a Google search.  Polaris Images, a photo agency I briefly had a relationship with in 2007, had sold some of my images, but never contacted me.  I contacted them after the fateful Google search.

I won a photo contest hosted by Reuters “You Witness News” and Sony for one of the political images submitted to their website. The winning image was of Senator Joe Biden shot through a partially open door as he was being interviewed by a Reporter.

An image of Davenport, IA Mayor Bill Gluba was published in the Q-C Leader, a weekly publication with a presence on the web.

Annie Correal, a student Reporter for the Columbia News Service, used a number of my images for an article she wrote on graduation speakers.

A number of my images were showcased on the Yahoo! News website.  At some point more than 20 percent of the political images published by Yahoo News during that period were from my contributions.

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