Day of the Dead Themed Mural

Because of the Bus Driver Strike, I had to walk to the grocery store today. A nearly 4 mile roundtrip walk. I took advantage of the trip not only to get a few days worth of groceries, but to get a close up view of this mural. A mural that I pass in the bus whenever I go to the store. A mural I’ve been wanting to capture for some time now. And I got my milk and eggs as well… Continue reading Day of the Dead Themed Mural

A mural nearing completion?

When I reported this mural back on July 13 I thought maybe it was nearing completion. You could tell it represented the area with the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Truckee River flowing through it. It had, what appeared to be an artistic flair, with children’s scribble mixed in. Guess I was wrong. Today the scribble was covered up with more beautiful pastel colors. Either way, it represents the area well… Continue reading A mural nearing completion?

The Reno Chalk Art & Music Festival

This two day Artown event, hosted by the Atlantis Resort Casino, attracts chalk artists of all levels of experience. This is just a sampling of the art being created for this years competition. Artists have until Sunday morning to complete their masterpieces and then the public will have a chance to vote for their favorite Continue reading The Reno Chalk Art & Music Festival