Roses from the Rose Garden (1 of 5)

The other day I decided to take the bus over to Idlewild Park to see how the Rose Garden had survived these past few weeks of wind and mostly 100 (or near 100) degree heat. Over the next few nights my scheduled midnight post will showcase some of the Roses that survived. You’ll notice they will all be of the pink variety. That’s because the one’s that survived were located mostly in the shaded part of the garden, and they happened to be all pink… Continue reading Roses from the Rose Garden (1 of 5)

The Space Whale – A New Landmark?

I chose to end the title with a question mark, as the once popular Burning Man sculpture was originally to be displayed on the plaza for only a year. The sculpture, built by artist Matt Schultz, had it’s premiere showing at the 2016 Burning Man. It was then installed on the downtown plaza in 2017 for all to see and admire. The year contract was then extended for another year. Since 2019, the sculpture has been in limbo. There was an attempt to have the city purchase the sculpture to make it a permanent landmark, but the nearly $5 million … Continue reading The Space Whale – A New Landmark?

Arabian Championship Horse Show

For the next week, the Region 3 Arabian Championship Horse Show will be held at the Reno Sparks Livestock Events Center. It is free and open to the public. These images were shot before I was approached and told I could not take pictures of the event because they have a “professional event photographer” doing that for them. I don’t know how to take that. Am I a threat to the “professional photographer” with these images? On second thought, maybe I am a threat. I do produce some good stuff. Except, I don’t make any money for my efforts, so … Continue reading Arabian Championship Horse Show