The Space Whale – A New Landmark?

I chose to end the title with a question mark, as the once popular Burning Man sculpture was originally to be displayed on the plaza for only a year. The sculpture, built by artist Matt Schultz, had it’s premiere showing at the 2016 Burning Man. It was then installed on the downtown plaza in 2017 for all to see and admire. The year contract was then extended for another year. Since 2019, the sculpture has been in limbo. There was an attempt to have the city purchase the sculpture to make it a permanent landmark, but the nearly $5 million … Continue reading The Space Whale – A New Landmark?

Playa Art Park Sculptures

A couple of new art sculptures from past Burning Man events were installed at Reno’s Playa Art Park recently. UPDATE 11/8/21: Sadly, the Playa Art Park doesn’t exist anymore. It was originally created on one of the many empty lots in downtown. The building next door (with the mural) has since been demolished and the entire block will soon see new development Continue reading Playa Art Park Sculptures