A Sidewalk Heckler

Normally, when I hear a mentally disturbed person having a meltdown ahead on my daily walks, or even seeing a group of men ahead walking in my direction, I will cross the street to ensure my safety. In the case of this individual, who was loudly making his displeasure known with the world at large,Continue reading “A Sidewalk Heckler”

The Reno City Council…

…held their first in-person council meeting in over a year. An event I expected to be more of a celebration. Instead, it was somewhat subdued. No cake, noise makers or funny hats. I guess I had high expectations. There were maybe 15 people in the gallery at the beginning for Public Comment. Most of themContinue reading “The Reno City Council…”

Down and Out

These are scenes that seem to never end here in downtown Reno. And with warmer weather around the corner, this promises to get worse with an increase of transients passing through town looking for those free services. A new shelter with 300 beds recently opened just in time. Time will tell if people will useContinue reading “Down and Out”