The River Festival is back, almost…

The annual River Festival was in full swing this weekend, after a year off due to the pandemic. The festival usually features kayaking competitions, but once again, the river’s flow is too low due to the drought. But the music, food, and beer was flowing non-stop. The festival, which is normally free to attend, was,Continue reading “The River Festival is back, almost…”

Street Vibrations

The annual Street Vibrations Spring Rally, was in full swing today. There were only a few motorcycles lining the streets along the Sands Casino property on this hot Summer day. But there were the usual vendors, musical entertainment, food and booze to keep visitors entertained. This is a three day event that takes place inContinue reading “Street Vibrations”

Today marks one year…

…since George Perry Floyd Jr. was murdered by police during an arrest after a store clerk suspected he may have used a counterfeit $20 bill. The world watched as a Minneapolis police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck and back for 9 minutes and 29 seconds until he was lifeless. And the world reacted with bothContinue reading “Today marks one year…”


…is an annual construction competition at the Meadowood Mall, entered by school children and sponsored by various community associations using mostly canned goods and other food containers as their building materials. In the end the Food Bank of Northern Nevada becomes the beneficiary of all the cans used. Not only are the can goods donatedContinue reading “CANstruction…”

City Workers were busy sprucing up the downtown area

City workers were busy pressure washing sidewalks and sculptures and laying down a protective concrete coating on the sidewalks and bridges today, hopefully in anticipation of things to come. Our usual downtown events and celebrations following a year of isolation

The orange cones are gone…

Following months of, first testing, then vaccinating thousands for the Coronavirus, workmen were busy on Friday evening dismantling the semi-permanent vaccination station structure to make way for upcoming events on the Reno Sparks Livestock Events Center grounds. While this vital service will be continued elsewhere, soon this immediate area will be occupied by horse trailersContinue reading “The orange cones are gone…”

A sold out Pioneer Center Event

The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts hosted this years NPC Mother Lode Bodybuilding competition. One of he first public events since theaters were closed due to the pandemic. An event that was sold out. Which means I didn’t get in to cover the event. The event promoters setup vendor tents outside theContinue reading “A sold out Pioneer Center Event”