The new El Centro Apartments

This apartment building, built back in the 1930’s, was originally named the El Centro. Over the years it changed hands and names. Eventually becoming Joseph’s. Recently, under new ownership, it was completely gutted and remodeled and eventually reopened under it’s original name, the El Centro Continue reading The new El Centro Apartments

The Space Whale – A New Landmark?

I chose to end the title with a question mark, as the once popular Burning Man sculpture was originally to be displayed on the plaza for only a year. The sculpture, built by artist Matt Schultz, had it’s premiere showing at the 2016 Burning Man. It was then installed on the downtown plaza in 2017 for all to see and admire. The year contract was then extended for another year. Since 2019, the sculpture has been in limbo. There was an attempt to have the city purchase the sculpture to make it a permanent landmark, but the nearly $5 million … Continue reading The Space Whale – A New Landmark?

Bye, Bye Marquee

The giant marquee that once lit up the street in front of the iconic Harrah’s Casino Resort is being painstakingly torn down by workers to make way for a new look. The downtown property closed down early last year during the pandemic and is now being repurposed by a new owner. The once busy Casino floor will soon be converted to restaurants and retail. While the two Hotel towers are being remodeled and converted to high end condominiums Continue reading Bye, Bye Marquee

A sign of warmer weather is upon us…

…when the Parks and Recreation crew hang the flower pots along the Riverwalk and along the path in Wingfield Park. The pots will be watered weekly and the flowers will end up hanging down over the edge approx 6 feet by season’s end. I’m always surprised that, by season’s end, vandals haven’t decimated the pots. But they seem to make it to the end Continue reading A sign of warmer weather is upon us…

The Lear Theater

Built in the 1930’s, the building was designed by architect Paul Revere Williams and built for the First Church of Christ, Scientist. The building was used to hold church services from its completion on October 22, 1939, until the congregation built a new church and moved its services to that location in 1998. For fear of losing such a valuable piece of history, Moya Lear, widow of aviation developer Bill Lear, purchased the building and donated it to the nonprofit Reno-Sparks Theater Coalition in 1998. She hoped that the coalition would preserve the history and integrity of the building while … Continue reading The Lear Theater

A newly installed sculpture…

I don’t have the particulars on this sculpture, but I’m assuming it’s another sculpture from the Burning Man collection. Highly detailed in it’s composition, it replaces the moving horse sculpture previously installed at this location along 4th Street. It appears to have internal lights, which I will photograph after dark in a long exposure sometime in the future. Continue reading A newly installed sculpture…

City Workers were busy sprucing up the downtown area

City workers were busy pressure washing sidewalks and sculptures and laying down a protective concrete coating on the sidewalks and bridges today, hopefully in anticipation of things to come. Our usual downtown events and celebrations following a year of isolation Continue reading City Workers were busy sprucing up the downtown area

A sold out Pioneer Center Event

The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts hosted this years NPC Mother Lode Bodybuilding competition. One of the first public events since theaters were closed down due to the pandemic. An event that was literally sold out. Which means I didn’t get in to cover the event. The event promoters setup vendor tents outside the venue on the plaza to sell T-shirts, Bathing Suits, and various sundry items. Continue reading A sold out Pioneer Center Event