Murals big and small

A crew of painters were busy creating a giant mural on the downtown ReTRAC plaza. The 18,000 sq ft gray slab, covering the railroad track trench below, will be covered by a mural envisioned by artist Brad Carney, a Philadelphia based muralist. In the mean time, a few blocks south, a smaller mural was beingContinue reading “Murals big and small”

A sign of warmer weather is upon us…

…when the Parks and Recreation crew hang the flower pots along the Riverwalk and along the path in Wingfield Park. The pots will be watered weekly and the flowers will end up hanging down over the edge approx 6 feet by season’s end. I’m always surprised that, by season’s end, vandals haven’t decimated the pots.Continue reading “A sign of warmer weather is upon us…”

The Lear Theater

Built in the 1930’s, the building was designed by architect Paul Revere Williams and built for the First Church of Christ, Scientist. The building was used to hold church services from its completion on October 22, 1939, until the congregation built a new church and moved its services to that location in 1998. For fearContinue reading “The Lear Theater”

City Workers were busy sprucing up the downtown area

City workers were busy pressure washing sidewalks and sculptures and laying down a protective concrete coating on the sidewalks and bridges today, hopefully in anticipation of things to come. Our usual downtown events and celebrations following a year of isolation