A Sidewalk Heckler

Normally, when I hear a mentally disturbed person having a meltdown ahead on my daily walks, or even seeing a group of men ahead walking in my direction, I will cross the street to ensure my safety. In the case of this individual, who was loudly making his displeasure known with the world at large,Continue reading “A Sidewalk Heckler”

Some people shouldn’t be allowed…

…to have pets. This fella caught my eye when I noticed he kept yanking on the leash whenever he felt his tiny, cowering dog would not keep up the pace. I tried to catch him in the act of yanking the leash, but you can tell in these two images the dog was trying toContinue reading “Some people shouldn’t be allowed…”

Down and Out

These are scenes that seem to never end here in downtown Reno. And with warmer weather around the corner, this promises to get worse with an increase of transients passing through town looking for those free services. A new shelter with 300 beds recently opened just in time. Time will tell if people will useContinue reading “Down and Out”

Someone’s having a meltdown…

I photograph just about everything. The good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. I photographed a suicidal man a few years back as he jumped from 5 story parking garage onto the pavement below. Needless to say, he didn’t survive. An event that still haunts me to this day as I walk past the spotContinue reading “Someone’s having a meltdown…”