A sad looking Steller’s Jay

Couldn’t help but notice this rough looking male Steller’s Jay. Rough looking because his head feathers appeared to be in rough condition. Probably tangled with a cat or escaped the claws of a Hawk? However, his tail feathers were their usual beautiful blue… Continue reading A sad looking Steller’s Jay

Roses from the Rose Garden (1 of 5)

The other day I decided to take the bus over to Idlewild Park to see how the Rose Garden had survived these past few weeks of wind and mostly 100 (or near 100) degree heat. Over the next few nights my scheduled midnight post will showcase some of the Roses that survived. You’ll notice they will all be of the pink variety. That’s because the one’s that survived were located mostly in the shaded part of the garden, and they happened to be all pink… Continue reading Roses from the Rose Garden (1 of 5)