Unintentional Selfie

I shoot strictly with Sigma lenses. The Art series lenses allows for fine tuning the focus points by accessing the firmware. I was noticing an issue with the focusing point on my 85mm recently, so I made an adjustment. While testing the adjustment in my well lit bathroom, I happened to notice, in processing theContinue reading “Unintentional Selfie”

City Workers were busy sprucing up the downtown area

City workers were busy pressure washing sidewalks and sculptures and laying down a protective concrete coating on the sidewalks and bridges today, hopefully in anticipation of things to come. Our usual downtown events and celebrations following a year of isolation

A sold out Pioneer Center Event

The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts https://pioneercenter.com/ hosted this years NPC Mother Lode Bodybuilding https://centerpodium.com/npcmotherlode/ competition. One of he first public events since theaters were closed due to the pandemic. An event that was sold out. Which means I didn’t get in to cover the event. The event promoters setup vendor tents outside theContinue reading “A sold out Pioneer Center Event”