Remember the unfortunate this holiday season…

While families are planning the upcoming holidays, this homeless woman will once again be spending it sleeping on the street. And with Covid cases on the rise around the country, the usual holiday services for the homeless will be curtailed or nonexistent

There’s always an asshole critic in the crowd …

A journalist is a person who collects, writes, photographs, processes, edits or comments on news or other topical information to the public. A journalist’s work is called journalism. ~ Apple Dictionary I wanted to address the above comment, which was left on an article published by, a local news website run by Bob Conrad, owner and publisher. The article, written by freelanceContinue reading “There’s always an asshole critic in the crowd …”

The wayward Piano Man…

Someone placed a piano in the middle of the park along the river. Probably didn’t want to deal with the cost of having it taken to the landfill. This guy decided he would sit down and show us his musical talent. He sat on the concrete wall, talking to his imaginary audience, and at timesContinue reading “The wayward Piano Man…”

Fall Colors….

Reno doesn’t really experience the explosion of fall colors that other parts of the country get to see. But I decided, since there’s a storm heading our way in the next few days (wind and snow, maybe?), I would venture out and try to catch the little color we do have before the winds knockContinue reading “Fall Colors….”

Kayaker in Distress

With the river flow rate at a low point, few kayakers have ventured out on the water. This young fella appeared to be in distress when his kayak would not right itself. You can see in his face the desperation he experienced while struggling to get back upright. He nearly lost his vessel if notContinue reading “Kayaker in Distress”