Veteran’s Day Parade

Today was Veteran’s Day and what would this day be without a parade. The 90 minute display of vehicles and ROTC troops wound it’s way through the downtown corridor. Of course there was a fly-over at exactly 11:11AM. Onlookers were surprised by the City Hall sprinklers and there was at least one protester among the crowd…

New Life for a Home

Last April there was an unusual event taking place on the downtown streets of Reno. The Humphrey House was being moved to a new location to make way for University of Nevada Reno expansion. Look at it today sitting pretty in it’s new location….

The Humphrey House being moved down the center of town
Moving the Humphrey House past the Nevada Art Museum
Coming home to it’s new location
The new Humphrey House
The new Humphrey House
The new Humphrey House

Checking the Health of the Truckee River…

Members of the Nevada Department of Wildlife and UNR Students were wading in the cold waters of the Truckee River catching fish using special technology, checking their health, measuring and photographing them, then releasing them back to the river…

State of the City Address

Reno’s Mayor and City Council Members
Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak made a surprise visit
Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus
Councilwoman Naomi Duer
Councilman Oscar Delgado
Councilwoman Bonnie Weber
Councilwoman Neoma Jardon
Mayor Hillary Schieve
Mayor Hillary Schieve

Trump Protest…

There was a gathering of protesters last evening on the City Plaza protesting Trump’s choice for the Attorney General position.  Although only temporary, the replacement could cause a lot of damage before it’s all over.

Trump ProtestTrump ProtestTrump ProtestTrump Protest