The Reno City Council…

…held their first in-person council meeting in over a year. An event I expected to be more of a celebration. Instead, it was somewhat subdued. No cake, noise makers or funny hats. I guess I had high expectations. There were maybe 15 people in the gallery at the beginning for Public Comment. Most of themContinue reading “The Reno City Council…”

Today marks one year…

…since George Perry Floyd Jr. was murdered by police during an arrest after a store clerk suspected he may have used a counterfeit $20 bill. The world watched as a Minneapolis police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck and back for 9 minutes and 29 seconds until he was lifeless. And the world reacted with bothContinue reading “Today marks one year…”

Anti-Asian Violence Protest

There was an Anti-Asian Violence protest on Reno’s City Plaza, our designated free speech zone. It was a small gathering of supporters, with most wearing their mask’s and social distancing. At one point, a highly intoxicated heckler attempted to disrupt one of the speakers, but soon wandered off muttering to herself…

VP Mike Pence Security Detail

Vice President Mike Pence was in town for a campaign rally. After which he and his security detail took over the Renaissance Hotel. I never did get a glimpse of the white haired Pence, but I can see why some fight tooth and nail to stay in a position of power. DISCLAIMER: This post inContinue reading “VP Mike Pence Security Detail”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Although his Presidential dreams have temporarily come to an end, Mayor Pete Buttigieg did spend some time here in Northern Nevada during the time leading up to the Nevada Caucuses. Here are a few images I captured during two of his campaign stops here in Sparks and Reno.