Down and Out

The downtown bus station is always a place for the city’s down and out to gather and hangout. And sometimes someone will have a mental meltdown and belongings will go flying out of frustration with someone or just life in general. These images were shot from the window of a bus as we pulled into the station shortly after witnessing this ladies stuff go flying everywhere. It was hard to tell if the fella with her was the instigator of the outburst, but there was obvious tension between them… Continue reading Down and Out

A Sidewalk Heckler

Normally, when I hear a mentally disturbed person having a meltdown ahead on my daily walks, or even seeing a group of men ahead walking in my direction, I will cross the street to ensure my safety. In the case of this individual, who was loudly making his displeasure known with the world at large, crossing the street was not an option, as the sidewalk was closed due to ongoing construction. So my only options were to detour 3 blocks to get around him, or continue on and take my chances with the unpredictability of this person and become the … Continue reading A Sidewalk Heckler

Street Vibrations

The annual Street Vibrations Spring Rally, was in full swing today. There were only a few motorcycles lining the streets along the Sands Casino property on this hot Summer day. But there were the usual vendors, musical entertainment, food and booze to keep visitors entertained. This is a three day event that takes place in several locations, including Virginia City. Continue reading Street Vibrations