Fall Colors….

Reno doesn’t really experience the explosion of fall colors that other parts of the country get to see. But I decided, since there’s a storm heading our way in the next few days (wind and snow, maybe?), I would venture out and try to catch the little color we do have before the winds knock the leaves off the trees.

The catch of the day…

Seldom have I been lucky enough to record one of the many fly fishermen on the river actually catch something. This big Rainbow Trout didn’t offer much of a fight. But then again, he must have known his eventual release was imminent….

He attempted to make a video of his catch before the release, but said he failed. Oh well, this will make for a good story anyway….

Down and Out – A Sign of Despair

I’ve seen a lot of signs used by the homeless to get people to help. Phrases such as “will work for food”, “Veteran”, “God Bless”, etc. are usually used to get the readers attention. This one was rather unique, just laying on the sidewalk…

VP Mike Pence Security Detail

Vice President Mike Pence was in town for a campaign rally. After which he and his security detail took over the Renaissance Hotel. I never did get a glimpse of the white haired Pence, but I can see why some fight tooth and nail to stay in a position of power.

DISCLAIMER: This post in no way is an endorsement of any political party or candidate. It is purely non-partisan political photojournalism.

Kayaker in Distress

With the river flow rate at a low point, few kayakers have ventured out on the water. This young fella appeared to be in distress when his kayak would not right itself. You can see in his face the desperation he experienced while struggling to get back upright. He nearly lost his vessel if not for his companion who retrieved it. In the end, only his pride was hurt.

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