A disgusting piss-ant

With one of many casinos just across the street from this corner, this disgusting pissant could not find the energy to cross the street and use the facilities like a decent human being. Instead, he chose to mark his territory like a dog in the middle of the day with people walking by…

Unintentional Selfie

I shoot strictly with Sigma lenses. The Art series lenses allows for fine tuning the focus points by accessing the firmware. I was noticing an issue with the focusing point on my 85mm recently, so I made an adjustment. While testing the adjustment in my well lit bathroom, I happened to notice, in processing the image, my reflection in the mirror, in a perfect bokeh blur….

btw, the adjustment was a success…

Odd Dumpster Diver

Not sure what precipitated this action, but I found it odd to see a Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputy standing in a dumpster in front of the courthouse, retrieving what appeared to be a couch that apparently was thrown out earlier in the day. Several deputies, with military precision, retrieved the couch and scurried down the steps to the basement of the building.

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