Street Vibrations Fall Edition – Day One

Today was the first of five days of the years Street Vibrations, the largest Motorcycle event in the country.  There will be lots of food, music and motorcycles in and around the Reno area.  Today, being the first day, was relatively quiet…

Look!! It’s Erik Estrada

Erik Estrada of CHiPs fame, who is also the Grand Marshall for Reno’s Street Vibrations, addressed the City Council during today’s city council meeting. Of course everyone was star struck and after he handed out a photo of himself, posed for a group photo.




A celebration of Hispanic Heritage

There was a celebration of Hispanic Heritage on Reno’s City Plaza today, which included lots of music and colorful costumed dancers.




What!?!? Not another Fire Alarm…

The bad thing about living in a large apartment complex is, when one person screws up in the kitchen, it effects the 250+ other apartments. Especially when they, instead of opening a window after burning something on the stove, they share the resulting smoke by opening the door to the hallway, setting off the alarms. Thank you apartment 132

Stocking the river…

I always thought that Mother Nature provided the fish in the river naturally. Evidently not. The Nevada Department of Wildlife was busy stocking the Truckee River with young trout, tossed from the Lake Street bridge….

Oops! Sigma lenses aren’t as robust as they feel

I went to the Great Reno Balloon Race this morning and on my way home had a little ($1300) mishap with my Sigma 70-200mm lens.  They are heavy and deceptively robust, but definitely can’t withstand a 3 foot fall to the ground.  Mostly metal on the outside, the plastic components on the inside are the enemy.  It’s a complete loss…

Broken Sigma 70-200mm

Suicides in Reno

Reno is known for their quickie divorces, quickie weddings, and the allure of getting rich quick at the tables of the casinos.  So you can imagine the feeling of despair if a person fails at one or all three.  I don’t know what the suicide rate is here in Reno, but I can imagine it is high.  I’ve come across 2 of them in as many months.  This one was at the Amtrak Station, which sits below the street level.  There is a high fence to prevent this from happening, but if there’s a will, there’s a way.  This one was today…

This one I caught as it happened back in July, when this desperate person jumped from an 8 story parking garage.

This is News that rarely, if ever, gets reported by local media

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