A newly installed sculpture…

I don’t have the particulars on this sculpture, but I’m assuming it’s another sculpture from the Burning Man collection. Highly detailed in it’s composition, it replaces the moving horse sculpture previously installed at this location along 4th Street. It appears to have internal lights, which I will photograph after dark in a long exposure sometimeContinue reading “A newly installed sculpture…”

City Workers were busy sprucing up the downtown area

City workers were busy pressure washing sidewalks and sculptures and laying down a protective concrete coating on the sidewalks and bridges today, hopefully in anticipation of things to come. Our usual downtown events and celebrations following a year of isolation

Moving Horse Sculpture

One of a number of one time Burning Man sculptures added to the Reno Neon Line District by Jacobs Entertainment. This sculpture sits on one of the many properties owned by Jacobs Entertainment situated along Fourth Street. In constant motion, this moving sculpture is constructed of various recycled metal auto parts and seems to moveContinue reading “Moving Horse Sculpture”